The First Step – The Truth About Earning Online

Hello Readers, This Blog post is named the First Step not only because it is the first blog post I am writing in this Website but due to the fact that every aspiring entrepreneur which is growing inside the hearts of students. Some with the urge of doing something big and creating something useful. Some with the urge of earning a little bit of cash that they can spend without having to answer to anybody ( Parents in this context… ). What do they do? Their First Step is to Google Search about ‘Ways To Earn Money Online’. But they are unknown about the problems they are going to face, the betrayal of the clients and many more things. I have faced them all now. And felt like the need to spread this knowledge that I have gained freelancing for so many years.

This website was originally bought because I was going to create a platform like Freelancer and Upwork itself but somethings that were happening around me, made me change my decision. Maybe I will create a platform in the near future once I find a way to get rid of all the wrongs that people do on the freelancer websites.

The Untold Truth About Earning Online

People on YouTube and the Gurus of Freelancing and Online Earning have made it seem so easy to earn money online that every guy wants to give it a go. Even I say myself that it is not that hard to earn money online but it is not as easy as these fakers make it seems like. The Reason behind it is that they never provide the complete Information about the methods they show, they only show that bright side of each and every method of earning online that the people go into it blindly and are not successful 99.9% of the times. And 0.1% of it is just mere dumb luck.

I am not against the courses they are selling or anything. It is great to provide the knowledge in the form of courses of videos. But they should be responsible as well. They should make sure that the person who is trying to earn money online or who is desperately searching about the ways to earn online might not have 300 -1000$ to spend on your courses. The knowledge should be cheap or free, depends upon the thing you are teaching.

This website is dedicated to teaching people the truth about earning money online. The Goods and Bad, The Do’s and Don’ts in freelancing or any other online money making method.

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